Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software

Kovai Software Services Hotel Management Software is completely customizable to fit your business. Our implementation professionals will work with you to ensure a perfect fit between your business solutions. The software provides effortless processes with fast and reliable access to crucial information. Seamless integration with the front and back office management systems provide the hotel chain organization a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution.

Benefits of using handheld order taking system in Restaurants The Hotel and Restaurant Industry has always understood the benefits of using a hand held order taking system to bring operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased table turn over rates. However cost of hand held devices/PDA have been prohibitive and the industry continued with pen and paper (KOT Books) until now. With the introduction of inexpensive android based tablets the restaurant industry has started embracing hand held order taking systems. KOT books and pen and paper will soon be history when it comes to restaurant order taking.

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Comprehensive solution

    Simplify operations, increase market reach, maximize revenue and do much more with our hotel property management system
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Intuitive frontdesk

    Easily automate your front office tasks, manage teams and have full control over your property from a central dashboard.
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Streamline housekeeping

    Create, assign and manage tasks for all your rooms. Get up-to-date room status information on your dashboard.
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Sell more

    Be where your customers are. Connect to channel managers, OTAs and GDS and increase your market reach
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Unlimited POS outlets

    Increase monetization avenues with ease. Manage restaurants, mini bar, spa, travel desk and many others
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Hotel management on-the-go

    Manage your hotels from your smartphone. Sell more and make critical business decisions on-the-go
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100+ built-in reports

    Utilize business intelligence reports on your hotel’s performance, forecast demand and make informed decisions
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Business continuity & security

    Manage your hotels confidently, without service interruptions. Hotelogix runs on a highly-secure server infrastructure
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24x7 live support

    Our in-house hospitality experts are available 24x7. Dedicated account managers will help you make your hotel business a success

Introducing Kovai Software Services software for Restaurants & Hotels

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Kovai Software Services software makes full service Restaurants more profitable. It increases Customer satisfaction and Revenues while reducing cost.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Orders / Kitchen order tickets (KOTs) can be processed more quickly resulting in better customer satisfaction. It is seen that anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes can be saved on processing every order.

Customers requesting additional information can get responses instantly through use of handheld devices /tablets. Example – ingredients used in a menu item, Spiciness, modifier options, etc.

Kovai Software Services software can be used to access customer information to enhance customer service.

Increase in Revenue

Kovai Software Services software facilitates Quicker Order processing thus increasing the Table Turn over Rate resulting in increased sales and revenues.

Kovai Software Services software creates more Up-Selling Opportunities by Prompting relevant modifiers to help restaurant captains suggest appropriate options to the customer.

Since Restaurant captains spend more time in the restaurant, customers find it easy to place more orders.

Reduction in Cost

Due to increased efficiency in order taking, more tables can be assigned to each captain thus reducing the number of Captains required.

Employee retention increases due to reduced stress and increase in the tips amount each captain and waiter receives since they are able to manage more number of tables.

Other Benefits

There are various other benefits of using an efficient Order taking system like Kovai Software Services software. This includes a significant saving on hardware cost (since Android based tablets/PDAs are inexpensive), Saving on energy/electricity, Space etc

Hotel management Benefits

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  • Real-time business controls
  • Diminishing double or over-bookings
  • Manage guest reservations
  • Integration complexity and cost
  • The frustration of managing different vendors
  • Key pillar to hotel’s success- Guest Satisfaction
  • Best-in-Class solution
  • System and staff training

Why Kovai Soft

    • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
    • 8 Years of Industry Experience
    • Domain Experts in Multiple Verticals
    • Certified Developers and QA
    • Expert Consultant for SMEs IT Solutions