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Kovai Software Services is a unified business communication software suite, meaning all the tools necessary for internal communications and communications with your clients are available to you in one place. What are these business communication tools? Private social network, video conferencing, telephony, email server and email marketing, instant messaging (including mobile messaging), CRM, file sharing and much more. Importantly, Kovai Software Services is available both in cloud (free) and as self hosted software that can be installed on your server and deployed on premise. If you chose the second option, you get access to source code and can customize and integrate it with other solutions that you are using.

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Communications Software is a set of web applications that make it possible for team members to exchange data and discuss corporate operations in real time. You can use it to transmit information from one system to another, exchange files in various formats, or simply discuss sensitive corporate data in a protected, internal environment. Popular communication software types are messaging apps, live chat systems, FTPs (file transfer protocols), VoIP, and email providers which make it possible to communicate at low to no cost.

Communication Software Services bring the total value of our capabilities from human-centered design, digital transformation to product realization. We are uniquely able to transform businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product, and service that deliver a distinctly better experience.

  • Growth Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Product and Service Design
  • Product Realization

Communications Software Consultants, Inc. provides integrated software solutions to conduct customer care, billing, and provisioning operations for the telecom industry. It offers iCommVergence to conduct customer care, rating, and billing functions for voice, video, wireless, and data offerings; VTC, a solution for the real-time service activation of video, voice, wireless, VoIP, and more; CommBI, a business intelligence and reporting tool; and Customer Relationship and Campaign Management suite that supports the sales and marketing efforts of telecommunications providers to harvest the potential within their customer and prospect data. The company also provides CommWord, a data merge program that serves as middleware between iCommVergence and MS Word utilizing SQL statements to generate data files used to import into MS Word; an Android application that allows users to view their bills and make payments from an Android device; CommNextion, a Web-based customer service framework that offers control and process management tools to help telecom companies to market services; CommForce that schedules, routes, and optimizes workforce assets; and CommView, a caller ID enabled CSR dashboard that presents representatives with the customer and company information. In addition, it offers Financial System to maintain company’s financial account information online; Inventory System that tracks transaction activity, purchases, adjustments, sales and returns, work orders, and projects to specific general ledger accounts automatically; and Carrier Access Billing System that enables customers to bill for network access and services.

Internal Communication Channels

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Message cut-through

    Ensure employees see important internal communications at the right time and on the right device
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Scheduling of messages

    Tools to pre-schedule your internal communications, individually or as a pre-planned or adaptive campaign
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Message recurrence

    Flexible repetition options ensure important employee communications get seen
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Message targeting

    Target internal communications to different groups of employees in different ways
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    Message validation options and reporting allow you to measure and improve internal communication effectiveness
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Versatile and easy to use

    User friendly and connects with other employee communication tools (e.g. the intranet / SharePoint)
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Customized solutions

    Customized templates and solutions to suit your business needs
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    Cloud, Private Cloud and In-house versions available

The Core of Your Unified Communications and Collaboration Solution

Start your move to unified communications and collaboration with Kovai Soft. Voice, video, messaging, and customer contact applications converge on a single network, to spread intelligent and flexible communications throughout the organization.

Enable employees to take care of business more easily and quickly—because your staff at headquarters, remote branch offices, and on the road will all be using the same enhanced communication capabilities.

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Communicate and Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere

    Extend your collaborative communications across time zones and regions to mobile phones, conference rooms, contact centers, and more.
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Reliability at Your Fingertips

    All communications are consistent and reliable with configurable redundancy, virtualization, and fault tolerance.
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Designed for IT and Employees

    Common capabilities, features, applications, and administration make learning easy for IT and employees while reducing the cost of ownership.
Our IT solutions for Communications include:
  • Mobile device management systems
  • Mobile app development (native, hybrid and HTML5 mobile apps) on all platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows & Blackberry)
  • Development and maintenance of web portals and ecommerce solutions.
  • Content digitization, management and user engagement system
  • Process automation for internal functions
  • ERP/ CRM solutions for demand forecasting, inventory and supply chain management.