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Manufacturing Software for Better Production Management

A complete manufacturing software solution that will prevent unnecessary downtime, while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins

In manufacturing, your money is made on the shop floor. That is why real-time availability of every detail involved in the entire manufacturing operation is crucial to the continued growth, success, and profitability of your manufacturing business. This focus on shop floor control is the foundation upon which Kovai Software Services manufacturing software is developed. The Kovai Software Services manufacturing operations and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software modules within EnterpriseIQ will allow manufacturers to:

  • Eliminate non-value added processes
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Prevent bottenecks in the manufacturing process
  • Operate with near 100% machine utilization
  • Optimize scheduling and resource allocation regardless of the plant location
  • Have complete unimpaired visibility and traceability of the entire manufacturing process from raw materia, through customer delivery
  • Comply with quality standards

The Kovai Software Services manufacturing software and MES solution includes modules to plan, schedule, monitor, manage, analyze and report on the manufacturing process from end-to-end, giving you real-time visibility and control over your entire manufacturing supply chain.

Manufacturing Software Solution

  • Activity Monitoring and Exception/Notification System
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Bills of Material
  • Capable to Promise
  • Capacity, Labor and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Document Control
  • Forecasting
  • InterCompany Transactions
  • Inventory Tracking and Traceability
  • JobShop Management
  • Labeling and Barcoding
  • Manufacturing Monitoring and Data Collection
  • Manufacturing Work Orders
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)
  • Multi Facility Manufacturing Management
  • Outsource Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Production Reporting and OEE
  • Project & Tooling Maintenance Management
  • Quality and Compliance Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)

We Also develop

Technology Portfolios

Optimized resource management

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Developing CRM & trucking applications

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Vendor-managed inventory models

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Customized fleet management

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Database & data warehousing

Technology Portfolios

Quality assurance and testing

Technology Portfolios

Integration with ERP & financial systems

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Documented management systems

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Shipping and logistics

Technology Portfolios

Logistics management for air, sea and land

Kovai Software Services ERP solution for Manufacturing Industry

Being able to meet the constantly evolving demands and expectations of customers, managing statutory/regulatory compliances, staying abreast with the cutthroat industrial environment, planning and stocking inventory and most importantly, manufacturing optimum quality products consistently are some of the prominent and monotonous challenges faced by manufacturing & assembly plants and companies.

Kovai Software Services Sage ERP solution for manufacturing industry addresses all these aforementioned as well as other challenges faced by businesses operating in the manufacturing industry. Yes, we take great pride in offering our suite of highly scalable, flexible and faster manufacturing solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Technology Portfolios

Our tested ERP for manufacturing industry solutions are designed smartly to support a gamut of industry-wide manufacturing & assembly plants, processes and operations. Be it for discrete or process manufacturer, Kovai Software Services ERP solutions are apt for all.

Perks of our Kovai Software Services ERP manufacturing suites at a glance:

  • Curb manufacturing cost significantly
  • Boost resource utilisation to the fullest
  • Reduce manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Improved inventory and supply chain management
  • Optimum sales tracking and management
  • Improve customer service
  • Enable accurate and faster revenue tracking
  • Boost profitability
  • Apt for both single and multiple manufacturing units and geographies
  • Seamless and automated payroll processing
  • Efficient management of engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Faster quote generation
  • Instant access to critical business data
  • Gain real-time visibility and key metrics

Kovai Software Services ERP software solutions are apt for discrete manufacturers of auto components, consumer products, electronics, machinery, precision products, steel and various manufacturing & assembly plants.

Talking about process manufacturers, our ERP solution for manufacturing industry is perfect for process manufacturers of leather, cement, dairy, food & beverages, chemicals, etc.

Automotive Manufacturing Software Solution

Technology Portfolios

Automotive manufacturers and their partners are facing radical changes to their businesses with the emergence of new Digital technology and the re-distribution of global supply chains. Kovai Software Services offers consulting expertise, technical know how and best in class delivery processes to help automotive manufacturers successfully harness emerging technologies such as telemetric, mobility, social media and analytics. In addition, we help improve your core manufacturing and supply chain processes to match the best in the world.


Technology Portfolios

Connected Vehicle

We offer services and solutions to help define a connected vehicle strategy, integrate a range of technologies (V2V, V2I and V2X), provide embedded software development for in-vehicle electronics, build data analytics solutions and accelerate the product development cycle. Our Car 360 solution is designed to take our clients quickly from concept to implementation on their connected vehicle roadmap. The solution covers applications in vehicle diagnostics, mobile integration, safety, passenger comfort, fuel efficiency and more.

Connected Supply Chain

We provide expertise in all industry-leading ERP and SCM packages to help our automotive clients develop an enterprise system strategy, re-engineer business processes and implement large scale enterprise-wide programs. We also help integrate back-end enterprise systems with business applications such as warehouse management and transportation management systems. Our supply chain expertise covers traditional packages as well as niche ones like sales and operations planning (S&OP) on the cloud and cross-organization supply chain visibility.

Digital Automotive Experience

We combine automotive industry domain expertise with our capabilities in user interface design, mobility, social media, IoT and analytics to develop various Digital Automotive Experience applications, such as those targeted at new age consumers. The automotive industry is fast catching up with the consumer electronics industry in terms of lifestyle applications and this service offering from Kovai Software Services is designed to help bridge the gap. We build Digital experience applications from pre-purchase research tools for car buyers, to social media intelligence for OEMs, to vehicle service management systems for car owners, to solutions for vehicle and consumer device integration.

Vehicle–Device Integration: Allowing users to operate their vehicles using a mobile or a wearable device adds to a vehicle’s brand appeal; that is exactly what Kovai Software Services solutions provide to the OEMs.

Vehicle Quality Management (VQMS): Our VQMS capabilities help clients capture, track and broadcast quality issues to suppliers and dealers, so as to eliminate causes of recall and enhance end-user satisfaction.

Automotive Social Media Tracking and Reporting: An on demand service for regular and event based social watch covering competitor intelligence, lead generation, supply chain disruptions, product design feedback and customer experience.

Dealer Incentive Management: A turnkey solution that can be tailored to manage the dealer incentive process for an OEM, maximizing revenue growth and profit potential.

WISARD (Warranty Information System for Analytics, Reporting and Decision Making) framework: We offer end-to-end management of the warranty management process for OEMs, which covers proactive diagnostics, optimization of claims, supplier cost recovery, fraudulent claim detection and compliance management requirements.

We help Process Manufacturing majors and niche players optimize operating costs, strengthen innovation and reduce environmental footprint.

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  • Capabilities
  • Resources

Process Manufacturing

Capacity consolidation, falling commodity and energy prices, emerging market dynamics, uninterrupted sourcing of raw materials and compliance with stringent environmental regulations are the top challenges that Process Manufacturing organizations face today. We help leaders in Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Packaging, Construction & Building Materials and Resource-based industries run streamlined processes, reduce operating costs, enhance plant yields and reduce environmental impact.


Technology Portfolios

Enterprise and Supply Chain Systems

We provide expertise in all leading ERP and SCM packages to help Process Manufacturing companies deal with industry consolidation, global supply chain complexity and volatile commodity prices. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum from roadmap definition to design, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, as well as running back-office processes. Our Chemical Industry Template solution is built on top of an industry standard enterprise package, which can be used to significantly cut the lead time for large scale ERP roll-outs in Chemical companies.

Green Plant

Given the ever increasing demand for reducing carbon footprint of process manufacturing, our clients engage with us for a variety of needs including waste lifecycle management, energy management, Green IT, REACH compliance and global regulatory reporting. We offer consulting and technology implementation expertise to make a Green Plant viable. Further, our Waste Trace solution tracks industrial waste from generation through transportation and disposal. It also enables printing of labels, placards and various compliance reports.

Smart Plant

We help our process manufacturing clients manage their capacity in an intelligent and cost efficient manner, making use of the latest asset monitoring and management technologies. These are integrated with supply chain planning systems as well. The result is longer life for plant assets, reduced maintenance expenditure and higher reliability of plant operations. It also helps cut down the need for manual intervention in potentially hazardous environments.

Connected Plant

Our experience in delivering cutting edge solutions to our Process Manufacturing clients allows us to offer a range of services in batch and recipe optimization, plant performance management, key account management and business analytics. We enable our clients to take a data driven approach to decision making. Our batch solution enables intelligent batch execution and proactive management of shop-floor events, together with support for data analytics. Our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management) solution provides integrated sampling, sample traceability, analysis scheduling and result reporting. The solution interfaces with lab equipment and provides data for further analysis. Our Plant Metrics Management Solution (PMMS) aids organizations align and streamline plant operations with overall business strategy making business KPI’s react immediately to changes at operational level.

Global supply chains, localized products and virtualized product development are changing the nature of Industrial Manufacturing. Additionally, industrial manufacturers must develop smart and connected products and move from pure product selling to services based business models for their end customers. We help makers of durable and non-durable products harness technology to develop smart products, adapt operations for new markets, roll out engineering collaboration platforms and refine manufacturing execution systems.


Product Transformation to Smart

We provide strategy consulting, planning and implementation services to help our Industrial Manufacturing clients transform their products to smart and connected ones, leveraging Digital technologies across sensory enablement, IoT adoption, wireless connectivity, cloud based infrastructure and analytics. Our Design Thinking framework helps clients envision innovation possibilities and uncovers breakthrough opportunities using Digital. Kovai Software Services Digital Works provides the technology architecture and implementation capabilities. Our Partner eco-system brings together the best-of-breed technologies to cover the entire Digital value chain.

Enterprise and Supply Chain Systems

We provide expertise in all leading ERP and SCM packages to help Industrial Manufacturers execute transformation roadmaps for streamlining business processes in the extended enterprise. We take responsibility for managing the change program in a multi-vendor scenario and implement in a time-bound manner. We also help integrate back-end systems with other business applications such as warehouse management and transportation management systems. Our expertise spans the traditional industry leading packages as well as niche ones like sales and operations planning (S&OP) on the cloud, leveraging our partner platforms.

Collaborative Product Engineering

We engage with our Industrial Manufacturing clients to extend their product development capability using our embedded software development, control systems and product lifecycle management expertise. From focused projects to large scale development centers, our Engineering and Manufacturing Services team is equipped to address a variety of client requirements. We have successfully transformed captive engineering centers of our clients into high-maturity service delivery organizations.

Service Information Platform

We support our Industrial Manufacturing clients to deploy systems and processes that enable them transition to a solution-oriented business model, away from the traditional model of equipment selling. This covers service information architecture definition, service management framework, account management, warranty management and field personnel support. We use emerging technologies like mobility, IoT and analytics to deepen the service capabilities of our Industrial Manufacturing clients.

Factory of the Future

With the convergence of operating technology and information technology, a whole new concept of industrial manufacturing is taking shape, which is captured in our Factory of the Future capability set. This combines our design-to-value framework, fulfillment execution systems, shop floor incident reporting systems and shop floor analytics. With core manufacturing and enterprise systems as the foundation, this analytics-heavy offering is meant to make industrial manufacturing more intelligent, responsive and efficient. In turn it helps our clients’ businesses stay competitive.

Energy utilizes

Energy and utility companies choose us to help them work better and work differently. From creating better customer experiences to ensuring efficient operations, Kovai Soft’s expertise drives success for the sector.

Customer Experience Management

As customer expectations and communication channels evolve, we focus on providing a best in class experience leveraging digital expertise.

Smarter Utilities

Built on our experience with early smart grid adopters, Kovai Soft’s Smarter Utilities solutions are designed to maximize the benefits from smart grid investments.

Energy Management

Our Energy Management solutions address the challenges associated with managing energy programs and help support the rollout of consumption, rate and behavior analytics.

Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Business Improvement

Kovai Soft's T&D solutions can be used to integrate and streamline processes across departments & deliver insight into assets and work.