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With multiple stakeholders involved, working at different locations on-site and off-site, and project duration running into years, a construction project can get messy if not managed properly. Being very capital-intensive, any slip or delay can result in huge cost-overruns. Kovai Software Services has worked with a large number of companies in this industry in Singapore and has developed complete understanding of their workflow and processes. Real estate and construction companies can benefit immensely from our expertise in project management. We assist real estate and construction companies across all phases in the value chain, starting with pre-construction planning to post-construction sales. We offer IT solutions for document management, materials requirement management, inventory management, communication system; risk monitoring, progress tracking and reporting mechanism, and dashboard implementation. We provide an IT-based platform for architects, engineers, contractors and workers spread across sites to communicate, collaborate, manage and report in a simple, structured and secured manner. Our IT solutions integrate all functions - procurement, accounting and operations - to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

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Are you delivering projects on time and within budget?

Real Builder By Kovai Software Services is a complete ERP Solution designed to meet the ever growing demands of real estate industry. It is a highly useful real estate management software for real estate developers, builders, contractors, and infrastructure developers. Real Builder adheres to Kovai Software Services commitment to deliver quality, responsiveness, innovation, and customer focus. Built on a .Net Framework, Real Builder provides Project Managers and Accountants with advanced management tools with integrated visibility.

Looking to boost your real estate consulting business through better market exposure, online credibility and business automation?

Kovai Software Services Real Estate and Construction software focuses on providing information technology solutions and services to home builders, real estate agencies, commercial construction companies and facilities management service providers. Kovai Software Services combine industry domain knowledge with in-depth, specialized technical expertise to help our customers leverage information technology and achieve measurable business impact.

Our areas of real-estate and construction software development expertise cover

Our Modules

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  • Maintain Improved client records
  • Generate Customer Card to follow up
  • Assigning Task to create Customer profile
  • Tracking of Events & its Follow ups
  • Monitoring of Sales Force Activities
  • Better Broker Management
  • Close eye on Missed Appointment & Follow ups
  • Performance Analysis
  • Targeted Follow-ups-Better Conversion
  • Expense Analysis Prospect wise
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  • Defining Multiple Unit Price List
  • Unit Booking Linked with CRM
  • Defining Customer wise Payment Schedule
  • Unit Transfer & Cancellation mechanism
  • Timely Payment Recovery
  • Tracking of Customization in Units
  • Interest Posting for Delay Payments
  • Auto Discount Calculation for Timely Payments
  • Unit wise Status Display & Unit Wise Outstanding
  • Generation of Booking / Demand / Possession Letter
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  • Indent Generation with Approval
  • Purchase Order linked with Indent & Quotations
  • GRN & Material QC integrated with Stocks & PO
  • Item Wise Rate History
  • Purchase order Life Cycle Analysis
  • Tracking of Unbilled Material
  • Tracking of Delayed Supplies
  • Better Pricing
  • Reduction in events of Delays in Material Receipts
  • Enquiry Generation along with Comparative Statement
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  • Maintains Entire Data of Machines & Equipment’s
  • Tracking Record of Fuel & Spare Consumption
  • Service Due Report
  • Daily Running Report
  • Machine Breakdown Report
  • Equipment / Vehicle Log Report
  • Machine / Equipment History
  • Complaint Tracking of equipment’s
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  • Defining a Project and setting up BOQ
  • Generation of Work Plan based on BOQ
  • Cost & Quantity Estimation as per BOM
  • Work Order Processing & Completion Analysis
  • Actual Progress Mapping to Find Deviations
  • Material & Resource Requirement as per BOM
  • BOQ Wise Cost Calculation
  • Total inventory management of site
  • Work Order Processing.
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Assigning Sub Contracting along with rate comparison chart
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  • Maintains financial year wise transaction details
  • Generation of vouchers such as Credit, Internal Transfer, Journal and Petty cash etc.
  • Auto Calculations of TDS, VAT and other taxes before payments
  • Integrated with All Modules
  • Bank reconciliation and Cheque return status maintained
  • Manage Budget & its Variance
  • Manage Fixed Assets along with Depreciation Chart
  • Navigation & Zoom Facility from Balance Sheet to Vouchers
  • Cheque Printing Option available
  • Multi-Level Hierarchies from voucher generation to posting.
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  • Complete Employee Record Tracking
  • Attendance Recording System Linked with Bio Matrix Device
  • Generation of PF & ESI Statement
  • Over Time Analysis
  • Shift wise Salary Slip & Reports
  • Covers all Statutory Compliance e.g. form 6, form 12, etc.
  • Complaint Tracking of leaves & Late Deductions
  • Increment & Demotion Tracking
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  • Site wise Inventory Tracking
  • Cumulative Stock Summary
  • Stock Valuation on LIFO, FIFO & Weighted Average
  • Item Ageing Analysis
  • Non Moving and Slow Moving Item Analysis
  • Issue & Receiving of Stock based on Batch or Lot No.
  • Job Work Management
  • Material Tracking at Contractor
  • Stock Transfer & Stock In Transit
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  • Connecting Branch Offices & Sites Online
  • Auto Email/SMS Alert Features
  • Quality Management & Knowledge Banking
  • MIS

Key Features

  • Maintain improved client records.
  • Generate Customer Card to Follow-Up.
  • Schedule tasks to your Pre-sales and Collection Team according to the Customer Profile stored.
  • Track Events and their Follow-up.
  • Monitor Sales Force Activities.
  • Get Day-to-day Reports on task status(complete/incomplete/pending).
  • Our powerful yet easily-accessible Real Builder’s CRM software enables brokers to give an instantaneous insight to their clients, building a healthy and long-term relationship between them.
  • Other than SMS and e-mails, our Real Estate Software Real Builder can even generate follow-up letters to reach out to business relationships.

The Construction And Real Estate Management Software

Real Builder By Kovai Software Services is a complete ERP Solution designed to meet the ever growing demands of real estate & construction industry. It is a highly useful real estate management & construction project tracking software for real estate developers, builders, contractors, and infrastructure developers. Real Builder provides Project Managers and Accountants with advanced management and tracking tools with integrated visibility thereby enabling users to manage their Real Estate and Construction Projects with ease.


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Why to buy Real Estate ERP Software?

The recent downturn in real estate business has forced real estate businesses to streamline business processes to improve efficiency and save time. Another factor that has led to importance of real estate ERP is use of Internet has increased over the years and real estate software offers intelligent tools to attract and serve customers in a better manner.

The increasing competition and falling profit margins has also forced real estate businesses to look for advertising and marketing tools that are cost effective. The Real estate ERP software automates major functional areas. Besides, the real estate ERP is highly scalable and can be upgraded as the business organization grows and its requirements change. Some of the unique advantages of real estate ERP are real time updation, faster and automatic data transfer, and 360 degree view of the project. The latest ERP for real estate allows real estate businesses to connect with suppliers, clients and customers. Thus it serves as common platform to connect with all important elements of real estate business.

Advantages of real estate ERP at glance:

Real estate companies using ERP can reach broader audience which includes property owners, buyers, and real estate agents spread across different regions. The ERP software can be integrated with Content Management solutions which have a Web interface. This characteristic of ERP software is useful for real estate companies as they can publish and update details of properties in an easy manner.

There are several real estate softwares’ in the market. Some offer moderate scalability while some offer higher scalability. Kovai Software Services Software is one of the popular ERP software specifically designed for real estate companies that helps in faster decision making through business intelligence. The Kovai Software Services ERP software successfully addresses several business challenges faced by real estate companies which have made it one of the preferred real estate ERP software for real estate companies.

What's more…

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Property Management (Customer, Agent, Seller, City wise, New Projects)

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Property Search

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Online Booking/Contact management for booking

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Rates & Trends

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Defined access through secured Member Area

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Special Offers/Discount Scheme on projects

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Property Locator with Google Map

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Supply Chain Management

Technology Portfolios

Asset Management

Technology Portfolios

Product Lifecycle Management

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Technology Portfolios

Supply Chain Strategy

Technology Portfolios

Material Tracking & Expediting

Technology Portfolios

Contract Management

Technology Portfolios

Product & Sources development

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Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

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E-Sourcing & Sourcing Back office

Our IT solutions for Real Estate include:
  • Field force management systems
  • Workflow and information flow management systems.
  • Enterprise applications such as ERP for materials requirement management, inventory and supply chain management.
  • Monitoring and tracking system for operations, report generation and dashboard implementation
  • IT platform for integration of end-to-end business functions across the value chain.